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Jab Jab J'Ouvert is not just a party ...

Jab Jab J'Ouvert, the Ultimate Emancipation Celebration and the only way to kick off your Toronto Caribbean Carnival Weekend!

J'Ouvert translates to "The Dawning of a New Day". It is a celebration of freedom from slavery; a tradition celebrated in the Caribbean by our ancestors since the beginning of carnival.

The origins of carnival can be traced back to the festivities of the upper-class slave owners who would attend lavish events in their elaborate costumes. The slaves, who were left to mind the land, wished to participate in these festivities. Being of little-means, the slaves would smear themselves with ashes, burned cane, paint, oil or grease. The Paint, Mud, Oil was smeared on the skin of the slaves and was used to hide their identities as a disguise, to avoid punishment and to mimic their slave owners. They used the beating of oil drums, biscuit tins and the blowing of conch shells to create music for their entertainment.

Fast forward to the present, Jab is played by all classes and skin colours to pay respect to the jab and revel in the fun that it brings. For, to play Jab is to remove all attire and prestige of wealth and grandeur of self to seize the opportunity and run with the music.

There can be nothing more liberating than this.

Feel the Energy. Live the Experience.

Come Out and Celebrate the Culture of Jab Jab.

Friday August 2nd, 2024.

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